S McColl Reddoch

Pics of SMR 
Photos of me

Sally, Sept. 2022

My Hand Outline, May 2022, RLH

Sally 2010.jpg

Pantzer 2020

Sally and Core Arts friend Ben 2019

Sally June 2020

solo exhibition

Sally, Leon at Core Arts


The 'Watchers' paintings

Scotland, 1986

Egypt 2002

Prague, 2008

Prague, 2008

Hong Kong 2010

The Yellow Sea, 2010

Hong Kong, 2010

docking at Taipei, 2010

Costa Rica - Wildcat Rescue, 2009


Wildcat Rescue, 2009

Pall Mall Galleria, 2010

Pall Mall Galleria, 2012

Ghost Hunt in the London Dungeon at night, 2007

Circuit, outdoors

Hubert Selby chest

Christmas Day 2014

the Injured Lamb

Sally, 2011

life drawing studio

Sally 2009, Leipzig

Sally 2010

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